Why Purchase an Alienware Laptop?

Since 1996, Alienware has delivered premium products to its customers.  The computers are known for their ability to simultaneously run multiple heavy software applications while maintaining a positive experience for the user. Alienware's powerful processors and high-performing motherboards efficiently run the newest and most robust games on the market, and the units come with such quality features that the laptops can also effectively run other heavy graphic programs used for picture design and video editing.  Intense graphics often cause a computer to run hot, but Alienware computers are known for their top-notch ventilation systems to protect your computer from overheating.

Looking for an Entry-Level Gaming Laptop? Alienware is an internationally honored brand name with worldwide recognition for the durability, power and speed of their mobile systems.  Powerful game play demands a reliable system. Alienware laptops include a dedicated graphics processing unit, or GPU, for the gamer who wants to actively play 3-D games without the potential of slow game speed or in-game slowdowns. All laptops from Alienware run on Windows 10, and the later versions, such as Alienware 15, 17 and 18, come with an optional external graphics amplifier to optimize the 4K-resolution screen and to future-proof the laptop as a gaming device for a considerable number of years. 

If you're looking for a powerful entry-level gaming laptop that delivers a lot of power and provides excellent game performance, then consider the Alienware 15 laptop. This laptop has customized features, such as accent lighting and a keyboard that has 15 specific functions for games, and it also has other features like a long battery life of over five hours and dedicated programmable macro keys. This laptop is a good value for the active gamer who enjoys playing intense games, and at a weight of just over 7 pounds, is ideal for those who may want to take the computer to the next room or to a friend's house.

 Want a Durable and Long-Lasting Computer?

These laptops pack heavy hardware to run the newest cutting-edge software and the current commanding games on the market.  Quality materials allow these laptops to maintain durability for a long period, and association with parent company Dell means that Alienware has years of experience and product development to call upon. Alienware laptops are often constructed thicker and a little heavier than other laptops that are available to the consumer, but the sturdy construction lets the user handle the unit fairly rough. Whether you want an Alienware high-end gaming computer, an entry-level laptop that runs tremendous graphics, or an Alienware refurbished laptop, Staples has a wide selection of Alienware laptops for sale to fit your needs.