The Order

Brone returned from inspecting the dark side of the Ural Mountains. His violet eyes were bright, and his curly platinum blonde hair was messy. Brone was pleased with the dark energy maintained by the slave hunters. The slave hunters had lost their souls to the Order, and the Order of Hunters kept their slaves on perpetual patrol alongside the mountain range. The Order had to maintain their dark power on planet earth, and their slaves made sure darkness reigned in this part of Komie, Russia.

As Brone made his departure from the foothills of the mountain, his tall stature was capable of taking long strides through the snow and ice. With each footstep, he walked closer to the ice castle. Brone was hungry, and he wanted to eat.

Brone looked around the icy area for something to kill. The sunlight reflected a prism of magnificent color from his violet eyes. He knew he didn’t have any fresh meat from a fallen hunter being delivered to the castle, so he looked through the dead forest for any semblance of food to kill. He darted his eyes to the left and then to the right, but he didn’t see anything. The forest was dead, and he really didn’t feel like venturing too far inside the decayed wooded area to search for food.

As Brone looked upward toward the sky, he saw a white dove flying through the dead trees. He wondered where the dove was headed, and then he wondered where the dove came from. He decided to lock his violet eyes on the bird to collapse its life; Brone needed to eat.

As the white dove flew from tree branch to tree branch, he started staring at the bird. He could feel the heartbeat of the bird. The longer Brone stared at the dove, the weaker the bird became in flight. Once Brone noticed the bird losing its strength, he began to repetitively say, “My little dove, high above, you will not bring us any love. My little dove, high above, you will not bring us any love.”

Brone kept repeating his chant over and over again. He raised his voice, he focused on the bird and he repeated his omen, and said, “My little dove, high above, you will not bring us any love. My little dove, high above, you will not bring us any love.”

Nothing was happening, then, the bird started to fly a little erratic. He kept repeating his omen over and over again; his body felt the full effects of his hunger. The bird did not fall to the ground, instead, the bird continued to fly from tree branch to tree branch. Brone knew he was losing his power, and he grew agitated. He no longer wanted to use his mental power to kill the bird; he was drained. Brone reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a knife and threw it at the bird. He was pleased he still had proper aim.

Once the bird fell to its death, he hurried to the dove and watched the bird take its last breath. Brone was satisfied he made such a clean kill, but he was annoyed his powers were becoming weak. After a few seconds, he bent down and picked up the bird. He smelled the stench of lingering death, and he liked the smell. Brone stuffed half of the bird’s body in his mouth, and he took a salacious bite. As he chewed and swallowed, he thought he wanted his full powers restored. After he finished devouring the entire bird, he stood up, he wiped his mouth, and he continued to walk towards the ice castle. He knew Hadrian had important information to review with the Order.

When Brone reached the front of the ice castle, he noticed Akuji’s SUV parked in the driveway. He thought it had been a couple of months since he last saw Akuji. He also noticed Eris parked her sedan alongside the ice sculptures. Brone continued up towards the front entrance of the castle. The air was cold, and the castle windows were frosted with ice.

After Brone made his entrance into the castle, he immediately saw Akuji’s short and athletic body slumped in a chair; her feet were propped up on the long black conference table. Akuji’s hair was dark blue, and her skin was paler than normal. Brone wondered if she had been eating anything other than live insects. As he cast his eyes away from Akuji, he noticed Eris standing next to the window; she was talking on her cell phone. Eris had smooth skin the color of alabaster. Her eyes were the color of steel. Brone liked watching Eris brush her long jet-black hair away from her face.

Akuji noticed Brone staring at Eris, and she said, “Don’t stare at her too long, she might get the wrong idea.”

Brone immediately broke his stare. He looked at Akuji, and replied, “When did you arrive?”

Akuji casually sat in her spot picking her nails, and responded, “A few days ago.”

Once Eris hung up her phone, Hadrian entered the foyer of the castle to greet the Order. Hadrian was tall, extremely thin, bald, and his skin resembled white leather; but it was almost translucent. He wore a black leather skull cap over his head. His hands were long, and his nails were thick and yellow. His tight pants were neatly tucked inside his knee-high black riding boots. His maroon sweater clung tightly to his narrow and sunken chest.

As he entered the room, his tall stature commanded attention. Hadrian looked around the room, and he made eye contact with each of the hunters in attendance.

He let out a wicked smile, and said, “It has arrived. The element is here in our realm; the sky world has made its full delivery.”

The room was quiet. Hadrian continued, and said, “We are looking for a young woman with the power to control water. Her power is not yet completely developed, so the sooner we find her then the easier it will be for us to kill her.”

Akuji raised her eyes towards Hadrian, and dryly inquired, “How do you know a new element has arrived in this realm?”

Hadrian annoyingly looked at Akuji, and smugly retorted, “Because I watch and follow the sky, young Akuji.”

Akuji felt the slight sting from Hadrian’s words. Akuji wasn’t all that young. She became a full hunter decades ago, and she has been with the Order for nearly half a century. When she turned twenty-four, she made a deal with Hadrian; he took her soul and her spirit. Akuji morphed into a hunter, and she fell in love with the lifestyle. It did not take long for Akuji to become a part of the Order; nonetheless, Hadrian was centuries older than Akuji, and he often drew attention to her ignorance. Despite his sometimes scornful viewpoint of his fellow hunter, Hadrian knew Akuji was an efficient killer, and he enjoyed her in his inner circle.

After several moments had passed, Hadrian then continued, and said, “If you look at the sky, then you will see an alignment of three planets. One planet is white, one planet is still and bright, and one planet is red and jumps around in a circle.”

Hadrian paused for a second, and he looked at the group. He continued to explain, “Throughout time, the sky world organizes this very alignment when a new element is back in the realm.”

The Order listened to the words Hadrian spoke. Hadrian continued, “Now three elements are in our realm but only one element has its full power, and that power is still in development. If we kill the water element now, then the sky world will have to wait until her spirit matches back up to her original soul before the element can return again; and we all know how long that may take.”

Eris let out a wicked smile.

Hadrian continued talking, and said, “Currently, the other two elements have their power suspended by the Order; however, if the water element regains her full power, then our hexing weakens, and they will eventually regain full use of their elemental power in this realm.” Hadrian paused, then he exclaimed, “I am confident all four elements are not on this planet!”

At least he hoped. He didn’t really know what the sky world delivered, he never did; however, his leadership depended on his ability to appear omniscient to his subordinates.

Hadrian was annoyed his power was threatened. He wanted to maintain his stronghold on the realm, and he wanted to perpetuate darkness throughout the world. Hadrian looked out the tinted windows of the ice castle for a moment, then, he refocused his stare on to the Order. As Hadrian adjusted his hat, he inhaled a small swallow of spit that accumulated in his mouth.

Hadrian then declared, “The water element is not fully developed; we can stop her before she reaches full development. The other elements cannot regain their strength. We are the rulers, and we have worked too hard to lose this battle! Once we find her, then we must kill her. We can’t let her escape like the other ones. We must chop off her head. This world is ours. The Queen can be destroyed again.”

Brone, Eris, and Akuji knew their own powers were losing strength. They knew when the four elements aligned their strength and power, then, the Order would have diminished strength throughout the realm of the world. As the Order listened to Hadrian, Akuji thought about her unfinished assignment back in England.

Akuji still had to locate Jolán. Akuji’s current employer, Alisha Sheraton, wanted to know more about Jolán; but Akuji was not having much success locating her assignment. Neither Akuji nor Alisha really knew anything about Jolán, but Jolán and Alisha exchanged words one evening and this annoyed the spoiled, wealthy, and deviant Alisha Sheraton. Shortly thereafter the unpleasant evening, Alisha hired Akuji to track down Jolán. Alisha didn’t like the demeanor of Jolán, and Alisha definitely didn’t like Colemund, the prince of Gallia Belgica, involved with someone not directly associated to the aristocracy. Alisha knew nothing about Jolán, only that Jolán was not afraid of her.


As Akuji sat at the table, she thought she would soon return to Kinsburgh, England, to finish her part of the agreement between her and Alisha. Akuji still hated the thought of such a name, Jolán; but Alisha wanted more information, and Akuji already received payment for her assignment. Akuji always finished her work.