The Hunters and the Queen Book 2 - Transcendence

The Hunters and the Queen Transcendence Book Cover

The Hunters and Queen Series Part II


The Allure of the Gypsy

Jolán and Colemund have made a pact with each other. Their solidarity is sealed within the Aegean Sea; however, a future of chaos awaits on their horizon. They must prepare. They must gain their strength. A battle is developing in the realm.

In the meantime, Sadeiq, the gypsy hunter, tries desperately to stop her transformation. She is turning into a hunter, and she desires to stop the process. Sadeiq desperately needs to locate Jolán for help.

The realm is deeply disturbed by the overwhelming destruction caused by the Order of the Hunters. The Order must keep a planetary balance, but they have developed into selfish and monopolistic creatures. The hunters are prepared to fight for their dominance; they do not want to lose their control. The sky world hungers for a planetary balance, and are prepared to use their forces in a fight against the Order.

The Order

Brone returned from inspecting the dark side of the Ural Mountains. His violet eyes were bright, and his curly platinum blonde hair was messy. Brone was pleased with the dark energy maintained by the slave hunters. The slave hunters had lost their souls to the Order, and the Order of Hunters kept their slaves on perpetual patrol alongside the mountain range. The Order had to maintain their dark power on planet earth, and their slaves made sure darkness reigned in this part of Komie, Russia.

As Brone made his departure from the foothills of the mountain, his tall stature was capable of taking long strides through the snow and ice. With each footstep, he walked closer to the ice castle. Brone was hungry, and he wanted to eat.

The Gypsy’s Dark Lord

Her eyes darted around the restaurant. The bamboo divides cluttered the dining area, but she didn’t care. She was hungry and starting to morph. She picked up her chopsticks and grabbed a piece of tuna; she liked this chef because he always prepared his cuts within seconds of the kill, if he didn’t already cut the meat while the fish was still alive. The gypsy dusted her sashimi with freshly harvested smelt roe; she then placed the bite into her mouth and chewed the fish flesh until it liquefied on her tongue. The Gypsy tried to enjoy her meal, but she felt nervous. She smelled darkness in the air.

A Dream

Everyone enjoyed their accommodations at the chalet. The beautiful property was nestled next to the foothills. The bedrooms were large, the bathrooms were spacious, and the refrigerator was stocked with food. Crispus took the liberty of venturing to a local store for nourishing reinforcements. Everyone was happy to have groceries and wine. They all needed to refresh, relax, and converse; and the chalet provided just the peaceful environment the group needed.

As everyone ate freshly baked pizza, enjoyed crisp salad, and drank their wine, Eshe thought about what she could do to strengthen her psychokinetic ability. She has the skill to use small waves of psycho kinesis, initially developed after the death of her mother, and she always hoped her skill would grow stronger.