Voipele Returns

Jolán was exhausted from her day. It was Friday; and she had a very tiring week of school work, swim practice, and chores for the rental house. All Jolán wanted to do was go up to her bed and fall asleep; but first she wanted to get some food. She knew Saturday’s practice would bring an afternoon of grueling distance sets coupled with fast sprint cycles, but Jolán didn’t mind. She just wanted to get a good night’s rest after a full belly of food.

As she walked towards the kitchen, she heard her parents moving furniture around in the basement. Jolán called down to her parents and said, “Hey, mom and dad. Have you guys had dinner already?”

Jolán observed the kitchen table had wrapped dishes placed in the center, and she began to un-wrap them to see what they stored inside. As Jolán uncovered one bowl, she heard her father from the basement say, “There’s food on the table Jolán. Eat as much as you like. Your mother and I are down here restoring some old furniture.”

Jolán decided to go downstairs to see her parents. As she greeted them, they both took notice of their daughter’s exhaustion. Jolán looked a bit listless, like she needed nourishment and a good night’s rest.

Mrs. Vajnbirg said, “you look tired, Jolán. You should get an early night’s sleep.”

Jolán nodded her head and responded, “I plan on going to bed right after I eat.”

Mr. Vajnbirg said, “Eat two plates; that way you won’t wake up for a midnight snack. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with your stomach talking.”

Jolán laughed and said, “I am going to go reheat some food now.” She admired the woodwork her parents were doing on the furniture, she commented, “Your work looks nice,” then she headed up the steps and towards the kitchen cupboard for a plate and silverware before she sat down to eat.

Jolán ate a hearty meal of cheese ravioli, garlic bread, and cucumber salad. She ate two platefuls before she was full. After she washed her plate in the sink, she drank two tall glasses of water. Jolán felt like she could roll out of the kitchen with her full belly. Before she walked upstairs to prepare herself for her night’s sleep, she called downstairs to her parents and said, “Dinner was delicious. I’m going upstairs to get some sleep.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Vajnbirg chimed, “Goodnight, dear, we love you.”

Jolán smiled and responded, “I love you too.”

Jolán then grabbed her bags and purse and headed upstairs. Once she was in her room, she was glad she showered after practice. Now all she had to do was change into her bed clothes and hang her suit and towel. She was drained, and once she plopped down on her bed, she didn’t remember anything other than hitting the sheets and pulling the blankets over her body.

A dark sleep washed over Jolán on this Friday evening in mid-December. She fell into a deep, heavy slumber. She was not tossing and turning in her sleep, but she was very calm while sleeping in her bed. Her dream drifted to a beautiful place with lavender and white pillars that had flowing purple curtains that cascaded down from the rooftops. The room her dream placed her inside overlooked the ocean.

Jolán dreamed about a woman with long blonde hair; hair that was knotted up in a dreadlock like fashion. Jolán watched the woman as the woman stood out on the balcony of the room. Jolán felt as if she knew the woman, but she wanted to see her face to make sure she recognized the woman. Jolán could not see the face of the woman. Instead, Jolán was confined to a bed with cream colored velvet bedspreads. Jolán wanted to relax on the bed, but her dream kept her on edge. She watched as the woman greeted birds as they flew to her balcony. The woman talked with the birds; and then the birds chirped back in unison to the woman. Jolán believed the woman communicated with animals.

Jolán eventually settled herself comfortably on the velvet bed, and she felt the warm salt air blow through the room. Out of the corner of her eye, Jolán spotted a large white and gray tiger walking through the doorway. Jolán was startled, at first, by the sight of the tiger, but she realized the tiger was peaceful; and Jolán remained on the bed as she watched the tiger approach the woman on the balcony. Once the tiger reached the tall woman, the unknown woman immediately placed her hand on top of the tiger’s head. The feline sat patiently, and looked out over the ocean’s horizon with the woman. The birds didn’t leave the area; instead, the animals stayed together in harmony around the woman. Jolán’s dream highlighted the beauty of the veranda and the tranquility of the animals. Jolán developed a need to leave the bed, but her dream immobilized her. Jolán wanted to explore the house where she was located, but the dream made her feel cemented to the bed. Jolán tried to get up, but she couldn’t move. Jolán wanted to walk on the veranda and get a full view of the mystery woman, but her dream made her feel so heavy that she couldn’t manage to move a muscle.

All of a sudden, Jolán heard a loud noise from outside of the room. She heard a man talking loudly and violently. The woman on the veranda slightly turned her head, and Jolán noticed her profile. Jolán wondered if that was supposed to be herself standing on the veranda, but Jolán’s dream immediately rid such a thought from Jolán’s mind. She continued to hear a man calling for a group of people to bring the woman off the veranda and down to the circle. Jolán was confused about what was happening. Once again, Jolán tried to remove herself from the bed, but her body was too heavy to move. Within an instant, Jolán felt like she was the only person in the room. Jolán could no longer see the woman, or the tiger, or the birds. The only person Jolán was able to see was Voipele.

Voipele stood in front of Jolán with a large wooden, tree-like stick. He looked at Jolán and studied her for a minute. After a few moments, Voipele said, “Jolán, we need to talk.”

Jolán immediately recognized Voipele. As Jolán remained on the bed, she thought it rather odd Voipele had returned to her dream; regardless, Jolán felt safe, and she had developed a fondness for Voipele.

As she looked at Voipele and his large wooden walking cane, she responded, “sure, what do you want to talk about?’ I remember you, your name is Voipele.”

Jolán continued to hear a loud commotion outside of the room. She wondered what all the fuss was about and whether she should have gone outside to check on everything to make sure the woman was safe. Voipele already knew Jolán couldn’t move; her dream had given her momentary paralysis. As Voipele continued to stand in front of Jolán, the outside noise slowly quieted.

Voipele said to Jolán, “I am the protector of the forest, but a negative force is trying to rid my trees from my grand woodland, and this is happening at an alarming rate. The earth is being pillaged. There is nowhere left for mankind. The animals and the insects are in danger too.”

Jolán listened as she sat on the bed with her back against the velvet headboard, her legs and arms were crossed.

Voipele continued, “Jolán, the animals need help; the world needs your help.”

At that very moment, Jolán caught a brief fragment of the woman being escorted off the balcony. The woman did not put up a fight when the two men approached her and took the woman by her arms. The white tiger let out a nasty growl, but one of the men cracked a whip and the tiger walked to the outer part of the veranda. The birds aligned themselves on the balcony rail and chirped wildly. In an instant, Jolán was again alone in the room with Voipele.

Jolán wanted to ask Voipele about the woman and the men, but her words wouldn’t formulate such questions. Jolán could only manage to ask Voipele, “My help? What can I possibly do to help the world and this situation you speak about in disarray?”

Voipele, walked across the room. The outside light became gray. The birds circled in a pattern outside the window; they squawked loudly. Jolán could no longer see the tiger.

Voipele answered, “Your elemental grandeur is pertinent to the history according to the realm of the world.”

Jolán became intrigued and she wanted to move closer to Voipele, but her dream locked her in position; she feels so heavy and she can’t move.

Voipele continued, “Jolán, you need to develop your powers and your skill. Once you are developed, then you can restore to your full power and join us in the fight.”

Jolán managed to ask, “What fight? There’s a fight?”

Voipele ignored her questions and said, “You will hear things, both large and small. You will feel all emotions of both animal and human; and you will have the power to communicate with living species in this world; but only species with a heart and a cranium. You will have the ability to harness water for all purposes; the water will hold your strength.”

Jolán questioned Voipele, “That is a lot for one person, Voipele.”

Voipele waited a minute as he heard a woman’s scream from outside; Jolán did not hear a sound. Her dream protected her from such an unpleasantry.

Voipele then continued, “Jolán, you are not alone. There are others who will join you, but you need to develop yourself before they will have the ability to find you.”

Jolán sat on the bed and pondered the information.

Before Voipele exited the room he looked at Jolán and said, “Remember, Jolán, the world needs you to develop yourself. Those that are worried are counting on you, and they will help you.”

Within an instant, Voipele was gone. Jolán was left on the bed. The white tiger entered the room from the balcony. The tiger sat for a few minutes as he stared at Jolán. The tiger then licked its paw and walked towards Jolán. The massive feline then crawled on to the bed, and placed its large white and gray striped head on Jolán’s lap. Jolán rested her hand on the tiger’s head.

Within a minute, she heard a loud hammering noise. As she woke up, she realized her neighbor was busy hammering on a window. Jolán slept the whole night. She rested in her bed for a moment; then, she reviewed her dream. Jolán muttered to herself, “I need to start a dream journal.”