The Blind Emerges

Sadeiq, the gypsy, was no longer threatened by the hunter lifestyle. Voipele, the earth element, was able to save her from fully transforming into one of Hadrian’s kind, a hunter. The Queen’s many millennia old cacao plants and pomegranate bushes helped Voipele stop Sadeiq’s morphing process. Sadeiq was able to return to her former self; however, the process rendered her blind. Voipele saved her life, but the process stole her vision. The only objects Sadeiq could see were located in her memories. Though she had never really looked at the Queen, the water element, she knew her name was Jolán. Sadeiq was forever grateful to Jolán for leading her to Voipele. Now, Sadeiq was forever beholden to the Queen, and eternally indebted to the other elements of the world. Although she no longer had her vision, her other senses were heightened. Sadeiq had seen Hadrian; she had seen all of the Order except for one member, Akuji. Sadeiq remembered their faces, their smell, and their voices. She knew she would never forget their presence. In the meantime, Sadeiq quietly rested in her room at the chalet.

Meanwhile, several miles away, Jolán and her prince rolled about in their bed. Their cottage was cozy, and they were anxious about their future. Something mesmerizing happened to them, and they now shared a cosmic connection that was sealed in the shark infested waters of the Aegean Sea. Several nights prior, Jolán jumped off the seaside cliffs located behind her castle. Once she hit the water, she was immediately involved in a feeding frenzy with several of the local sharks that swam around the base of the cliffs. Colemund was with her that night, and he quickly jumped after her once he realized what she had done. He did not think of himself when he jumped, he only thought of her. By the time Colemund found his love swimming in the water, Jolán had already returned to her human form; but she had shape-shifted. Colemund did not see her shape-shift into a shark, but his courage to follow her into the water pleased the Sky World. Ever since that night, Colemund had developed impeccable strength. He also developed telepathy, which he frequently practiced with Jolán.