Wicked Dreams of the Past

The wind rustled the trees around the castle. The night sky was clear, and the ocean waves were audible to those inside the estate. Although the fortress was still under construction, several areas were finished, and Jolán and Colemund took the initiative to occupy the property. They already started moving simple belongings into their new lavish home.

Now, however, they slept. The day provided much activity that exhausted the couple. They had been asleep for hours. As the wind swirled around the vast landscape, Jolán and Colemund rested their thoughts with the dream world. Their dreams were culling their thoughts and penetrating their ideas.

As they rested, Jolán’s sleep enveloped her in a dream with a wicked woman; a woman she had seen before, and was easily able to recognize. The woman stood before Jolán and Colemund, and a circle of people gathered in the immediate background. The circle of people wore black robes with hoods. Jolán and Colemund were forcefully pushed towards the ground. After hitting the ground, Jolán got back up, but she was grabbed by her hair and thrown on the grass to a group of brawny men. She screamed and she kicked, but the men held her in place until she was momentarily subdued. They made her open her eyes and watch.