Kinsburgh Erodes

Little by little the town started to erode. First there was construction, which was hopeful, but it never reached completion. Instead, half-built buildings were left unfinished throughout the area. The buildings were eyesores that represented once hopeful business relationships and promised progress to the citizens of the community. Soon after construction stopped, gossip spread about Kinsburgh’s lack of money and the town’s inevitable decline towards bankruptcy. If there was any hope left for the area, the townspeople had to come together to stop further deterioration.

The hamlet that raised Jolán was threatened. The hunters were close, and they wanted to increase their stronghold on the town. They knew they had a power source, a relic, they could capture to preserve their strength and energy, but they had to first locate the placement of the hidden relic. They were sure it was in Kinsburgh.

Akuji was familiar with the hidden town; she had spent a few unsuccessful days in pursuit of Jolán. Akuji was pleased to work back in the area, mainly because she now knew the name of her assignment, Jolán, and she had some familiarity with the layout of the community. The apparent erosion of the once vibrant municipality pleased hunter Akuji, and she hoped to see the town go dark soon.