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            The problematic and often tragic relationship between leaders and student protestors has led to progressive policy that moved China away from its feudal past and towards a developing democracy.[1] China has relied on a delicate and well-balanced power struggle between leaders and protestors since before the May 4th protest on May 4, 1919.[2] The current political balance between the protestors, the party leaders, the government, and the military encouraged democratic tenets to develop, but not without party consent and not without a large human death toll.[3] During the years 1979-1989, China’s leader of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee, Deng Xiaoping, exemplified the daunting and ambiguous relationship between China’s leaders, its military, and its citizens of the nation.[4]

            China’s leaders have often listened to the request of student protests.[5] Under Confucianism, “the literati had a responsibility to speak out against abuses of power and to resist despotic rulers. They were to expose and criticize wrongdoings of officials even at the risk of their own lives.”[6] This type of relationship between literati and rulers helped hold a leader accountable for the welfare of the people.[7] Confucianism gave people the right to remove an unconcerned or ineffective ruler through the Mandate of Heaven.[8] The Zhou dynasty, 1046-256 BC, made the Mandate of Heaven an article of faith based on the ancient belief that things like “comets, eclipses, meteor showers, and violent or freak meteorological phenomena inspired a sense of awe or dread” and could indicate ancestral spirits were happy or displeased with an individual, and the mandate was further used to signal the legitimacy of a person.[9] A legitimate ruler was seen as someone who had such a mandate to rule over the people, and a deposed ruler was an individual who had lost the mandate.[10] The Mandate of Heaven is bestowed upon a reasonable and well-founded leader, and the mandate is believed to withdraw from a despotic ruler.[11] In a mortal sense, the people “can judge the legitimacy of a ruler on the basis of the ruler’s performance, and their judgment can be called the mandate of heaven.”[12] The history between literati and rulers led to the assumption that academics could speak on behalf of the people or for the benefit of the people, yet many adversaries were still punished for speaking against their leaders.[13]


No one is withholding a secret that organizations and businesses have a Chief Executive Officer (CFO) and a Board of Directors acting as the primary decision maker on behalf of their employees and members. However, it is less known that workplace diversity directly impacts the profits of corporations and institutions. According to a global survey of 21,980 firms from 91 countries, the presence of women in corporate leadership positions improves firm performance.[1] To hammer that information home, the survey completed by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that diversity among corporate leaders boosts stock values and increases profitability.[2]


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Helping Solve Labor Pain in New Orleans

During 2000, Teresa Lawrence became the sole owner of Delta Personnel; a staffing service firm offering Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, and Direct Hire staffing solutions for their clients in Louisiana. The company was founded in New Orleans in 1968, and has since grown into the largest staffing company employer in the city.

Teresa is known as a great leader who places an emphasis on empowering her staff to make decisions needed to help businesses grow and thrive. Delta Personnel stays on the leading edge of the industry by constantly attending conferences and joining trade organizations. Since 2012, Teresa has more than doubled the sales of Delta Personnel from 2.3 million to a projected $7 million. Delta Personnel is invested in the success of New Orleans, and they are committed to providing quality employment staffing solutions. As sole owner of the company, Mrs. Lawrence believes great success is achieved by growing communities through employment opportunities.